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Tradition Lite Guitar Pick


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guitar pick, guitar picks, best guitar pick, best guitar picksTradition Lite    Tradition Lite     1.5mm ¬ 1 1/8 wide ¬ 1 3/16 long ¬   The Tradition series was born out of requests by some of our artists asking for a guitar pick shaped like what they have been used to playing for the last 40 years. This is it! For all of you old dogs out there, you will LOVE this pick. More volume, better tone, and you will not drop this guitar pick! It will cling to your fingers when your body temperature warms it up. NO MORE DROPPED PICKS! The Lite is 1.5mm. No flex at all. Great for electric or acoustic playing. Lead or rhythms. Also a great mandolin pick. Once you play this pick, you will realize you have been leaving a lot of sound inside your instrument.  So if you want a pick that is like your Fender Extra Heavy on Steroids, this is the pick for you! It really packs a punch! Also available in Sapphire Blue. Roger Fisher of Heart and Phil Keaggy both play and endorse V-Picks Tradition Lite.   Note: 12/05/16 the Tradition Lite has been greatly improved!  We took a great pick and made it excellent!  The V-PICKS (Patent Pending) DOT has been added. The DOT is designed to be a reference point. It may be the ultimate tactile experience you have had yet in a guitar pick. I have found this DOT to help me play more accurately and precisely because I know EXACTLY where the pick is and how much of it I am holding in my fingers. No question. It also plays a big roll in giving more texture to the pick as some of our players have requested. The slightly raised letters on one side and the DOT on the other is a combination that just may revolutionize the guitar world forever. It´s subtle but very effective.  
I´ve been playing the V-Pick Tradition on my old Martin Herringbone D-28 for six months now and I am deeply moved by what I am hearing. At the risk of sounding hyper-evangelical, I would have to describe it as a revelation in musical quality. The old girl is giving up sounds that she never made before crystalline, ringing tones with absolutely no pick noise. Any pick will change the sound of a guitar to some extent, but the V-Pick is in a league of its own.

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