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Tradition Guitar Pick


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guitar pick, guitar picks, best guitar pick, best guitar picks, mandolin pick, mandolin picks, best mandolin picks, best mandolin pick, dulcimer picks, bass picks  guitar pick, guitar picks, best guitar pick, best guitar picks 2.75mm - 1 1/8" wide - 1 3/16" long -   This is a magnificent guitar pick that is great for all kinds of music. Incredible volume, gigantic, singing tone. Also, this thickness is perfect for holding onto and yet keeping your hand and fingers relaxed. You will not drop this guitar pick! This is a good therapeutic pick for those with injured hands, wrists or fingers. Good for guitar or mandolin. If you have never played with a thick pick like this before, you should at least try one. You will be very glad you did. It will amaze you with all it's benefits and ease of playing and speed. Same shape as a traditional guitar pick, but with a lot of extras! This pick is AMAZING. You won't believe your ears!   "I've been playing the V-Pick Tradition on my old Martin Herringbone D-28 for six months now and I am deeply moved by what I am hearing. At the risk of sounding hyper-evangelical, I would have to describe it as a revelation in musical quality. The old girl is giving up sounds that she never made before crystalline, ringing tones with absolutely no pick noise. Any pick will change the sound of a guitar to some extent, but the V-Pick is in a league of its own.

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