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Red Rocker - Guitar Pick


  • £4.99

Red Rocker 1.5mm - 1" wide - 1 3/16" long - The Red Rocker by V-PICKS.  It's RED, it ROCKS! Good for Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, you name it. Lots of tone and speed in this pick. The corners are all perfect for flipping around and getting different tones and effects. This picks is very easy to play and is quickly becoming very popular amongst our players. I highly recommend this pick to anyone that likes a Fender Extra Heavy. The point of this pick is just a bit more narrow than a regular guitar pick.  This helps in speed and also in getting harmonics.  It also is quite handy if you play with your middle and ring fingers as well.  The point or the pick does not get in the way of this technique.  I like that a lot.   Check out V-PICKS Guitar Picks on Wikipedia

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