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Senn Model One

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From Lollar Pickups: "You won't believe this is a humbucker with its airy top end and chime. But bend a note and hold it — or grab a slide — and get treated to a brand new level of liveliness and sustain.

When Jeff Senn Guitars set about designing their unique Model One guitar they knew that no existing pickup captured what they were looking for so they turned to Jason Lollar to interpret their sonic wish list and make it a reality.

Jeff Senn says, "I wanted something that was very, very clear and open but also had unusual sustain and overtones like my vintage Guyatones, Stratotones and Teiscos. I suspected I wanted a wide magnet to capture the sound field and a thin profile with a metal cover. Jason, agreeing that we might have the right starting ideas, forged these concepts into a distinct and wonderful sounding pickup that has an identity all its own."

It's single coil voiced, but humbucker in function and output giving you a range from huge twang to lovely overdriven tones. The Model One pickup is extremely versatile and doesn't shy away from any genre or style of music.

Think this could be a fantastic lap steel pickup? You'd be right on with that as well. It sings with a bar or slide.

The Lollar/Senn Model One pickups have A5 magnets and are available in Nickel, Chrome, and Gold.

1/16" and 1/8" shims are available for top mounting.

Please note: The Lollar/Senn Model One pickup does not fit any existing routs or mounts. It is a unique pickup in dimension, wider than a P-90 or standard humbucker and may require routing to install."

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