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Lollar Pickups Precision 90

Lollar Pickups

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From Lollar Pickups: "Everything we all love about P-bass and P90s together in one pickup; built as two complete P90 pickups, wired together in series to function as a single, hum-cancelling split coil design, the Precision 90 offers the punch of a P-bass with the growl of a P90. Each coil is wound hot and built with two custom alnico 8 bar magnets and adjustable pole screws to give you a rounder top end and a bit more compression, smoothing out pick attack and offering a more balanced response across the full frequency range. Compared to our standard P-bass pickup, the sound is fatter and punchier, with an emphasis on the string's fundamental frequencies. The output is hotter, giving you more push for the front end of your amp and offers a much more smooth and even tone, especially if played with overdrive or distortion.

Lead wires are vintage cloth covered pushback wire, available in black or white covers"

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