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Freakishly Large Round Ruby Red


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    guitar pick, guitar picks, best guitar pick, best guitar picks FLRRR         3.0 mm - 1 3/16" wide - 1 1/4" long - Carlos Santana plays this guitar pick live and in the studio. I designed it for him specifically, years ago. Gigantic tone. Great for playing up high. Creates a singing, voice-like effect. Huge, firm sounding bottom. Bass players and mandolin players love this plectrum also. Very precise and accurate. As with all of our V-Picks, this pick is made of our own special blend of acrylic that make the pick cling to your fingers when warmed by your touch. Good for Guitar, Mandolin and Bass Guitar. Easy to hold on to, so if you have an injury causing you trouble playing, maybe this one can help you. Designed for and endorsed by Carlos Santana! Also available in Clear, Ruby Red & Pearly Gates White

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