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Freakishly Large Round - The Guitar Pick Carlos Santana Plays


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buy guitar picks       3.0 mm - 1 3/16" wide - 1 1/4" long -   Carlos Santana plays this guitar pick live and in the studio. I designed it for him specifically, years ago. Gigantic tone. Great for playing up high. Creates a singing, voice-like effect. Huge, firm sounding bottom. Bass players and mandolin players love this plectrum also. Very precise and accurate. Just throw your head back and play with this pick wonder! As with all of our V-PICKS, this pick is made of our own special blend of acrylic that make the pick cling to your fingers when warmed by your touch. Also available in Pearly Gates & Ruby Red Please read this artist's testimony: Hey, I heard about V-PICKS from a friend, he ordered some a couple weeks ago and said I had to try them. I went to his house and fiddled around with them for around 10 minutes and fell in love with them. He had the Freakishly Large picks and they were fantastic. I ordered the Snake picks because I was looking for thicker picks that could give me more sound.  The picks are a god send, they are just fantastic, they play so nice and best of all THEY STICK TO YOUR FINGERS AND WON'T SPILL OUT OR TURN IN YOUR FINGERS!!!! That is the selling point for me, I have ridiculously sweaty hands and would always fumble around with the picks. I can't wait for mine to arrive in the mail. Thank you for these picks they truly are beautifully crafted and couldn't be better. Brian Cullen

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