Euro - Guitar Gear Pro



  • £3.99

guitar pick, guitar picks, best guitar pick, best guitar picks, mandolin pick, mandolin picks, best mandolin picks, best mandolin pick, dulcimer picks, bass picks E1   1.5mm - 15/16" wide - 1" long - Many players have called me asking for picks with holes drilled in them. Out of this request, the Euro Series was born. Same magnificent, gripping material as regular V-PICKS. So now you have the V-PICK's "grip" with an added texture of the holes! I expect this to become a LOT of player's favorite V-Pick, hands down. I have only played it for a short time this morning and I am hooked on it already. Great replacement for the Jazz III. Good for all kinds of music. Good acoustic pick as well. This pick has a very exciting sound.  Full of energy and zing.  Lots of highs and good mids.

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