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Dimension Jr


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guitar picks, guitar pick, best guitar picks, best guitar pick                                                              Smokey Mountain 4.10mm - 1 1/8" wide - 1" long -   Same as the Dimension, just 10% smaller. A great Jazz and Rock pick. Shimmering sound. FAST action and great grippage as well. Feels real good between the fingers. This wonderful guitar pick has one pointed end much like our Screamer V-Pick, and two rounded ends for a warmer tone when you need it. If you like a little pick similar to a Jazz III, but want more tone than what you are getting......this is the V-Pick for you! It will give you unbelievable tone, and won't slide around in your hand at all. You have to try it to believe it.   I started evaluating V-Picks at the end of 2008 - I began with the Screamer. I found the Screamer to be a little too bright, and lacking in the mids. I checked back in 2009 and picked up both the Buffed and Unbuffed Dimension. Wow!  Hi Vinni and Nancy! I have spent quite some time trying nearly every pick available: different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, textures, finishes, colors, weird and wonderful materials (glass, metal, wood, bone, shell, horn, plastic, nylon, polycarbonate, carbon, meteorite, etc). I had been searching for a pick that provided significant clarity, volume and a crisp attack. Fast forward to 2010: I picked up a B b and both the Buffed and Unbuffed Dimension Junior. When I first tried the B b I thought that something was wrong with my guitar - the strings were almost muting! It turns out that a combination of pick angle (I hold my pick perpendicular to the strings) and a super smooth edge on B b did not provide enough friction. On to the Dimension Junior - the Dimension Junior Unbuffed absolutely kills! It has all of the wonderful characteristics of the Dimension Unbuffed, and it fits perfectly in my hand. It also has the perfect mass (weight, density) for more aggressive, percussive picking. My new favorite pick! Thank you for continuing to expand the V-Pick family, and for producing arguably the world's best picks. Sincerely, Simon

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