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guitar picks, guitar pick, best guitar picks, best guitar pick 4.10mm - 1 1/16" tip to tip - Symmetrical -   Laser cut the same size as the Medium, but 4.10mm thick. Fabulous for lead and rhythm. Fast, Fast, Fast!!! You won't believe the tone you'll get due to the thickness and bevel design. A great overall, go-to pick. I am knocked out by this guitar pick. Its a really nice playing and cool looking pick as well. This is not a pointed pick and not a rounded one either. But somewhere in between. You get the articulation of a pointed pick and the speed and midrange of a rounded pick. The best of both worlds! Played and endorsed by Ben Miller!   Nancy,  I "inherited" a V-pick over a year ago from a fellow guitar player who wanted to "share the love" so to speak. I can honestly tell you that the first time I played it I was hooked. Turns out it was a Diamond. I loved the way it felt in my hand, the lack of the classic pick noise when you attack the string - there was no turning back to those Big Stubbys anymore! It has been my only pick, literally, for both electric & acoustic. The reason for the order? Well, I thought I had lost my one and only, so I immediately went to your website to place an order. When I saw you had glow in the dark picks, now just how cool is that. Might even help in locating that one that occasionally drops on the floor! Thanks. You've got a great thing going on. Keep it up! Jim Baxter   Nancy- I have been using v-picks exclusively for the past several years. I just tried the diamond v-pick and was blown away. the tone is ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING!! i thought/think your other picks are great but the diamond has made a difference in the tone i didn't think possible with simply a pick. I have been and will remain a loyal v-pick customer! Dave.

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