Colossal - Dynamic Music Distribution



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8.85mm ¬ 1 3/8 tip to tip ¬ Symmetrical ¬

Just like the Insanity, the Colossal is hand made. A lot of skill, love, and attitude go into making this piece of art. Each one is different and unique. If one is made and just does not have enough mojo to it, in the can it goes. When you hold a V-Pick Colossal or Insanity, you are holding a one-of-a-kind! There are over 75 grinds on this pick! It hits the grind wheel over 75 times. Each one is laser cut to size, hand ground and beveled, flame buffed, and then hand buffed on the wheel. Then, back into the laser machine for the name and logo. They really are magnificent when they are done. If you play with this pick and are not inspired in some way, then something is just wrong! Huge, thick, fat guitar pick with a huge tone! Great for rhythms and leads. Gypsy Jazz players LOVE this pick. Not only does the Colossal have a huge, fat tone it is a beautiful pick to see and feel. It is 8.85mm thick!!!! Some might say, ºHow on earth do you play a pick that thick?¹ You´d be surprised how easy it is to get used to. Some players get pain or cramping in their hands from playing thinner picks and other problems, and this pick has been God-sent for those players. (Their words exactly.) If you have pain or cramping in your picking hand when playing with a ºregular¹ pick, try the Colossal or Insanity from V-Picks. Once again, all V-Picks are made with our own special formula of acrylic that causes them to cling to your fingers when warmed up. Tone! Tone! Tone! That´s all I have to say about these monsters. You will hardly believe your ears. HI MRS. ºV¹, THANKS FOR CONTACTING US. THIS IS OUR 11th OR 12th ORDER, WE LOST TRACK. V-PICKS ARE THE BEST!!!!! CAROL AND TOBIAS (WOLFY) And yet another testimonial The Colossal is amazing! My picking hand completely relaxes. It becomes soft an supple like its just hanging loose. All of a sudden I have speed, control, and tone didn´t know I had! I´ve been playing for years and I didn´t know my hand was tense until I used the Colossal. I don´t know how a thicker pick can make such a complete difference? But it does. These picks are just freaking awesome and they do stick to my fingers! The security of that feeling really frees up my playing! But the tone change is even better than the feel of the pick. The tones I get now are like candy, wonderful, singing, full tones that are really hard to describe. I love these picks!   Check out V-PICKS Guitar Picks on Wikipedia  

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