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Ghost Rim Touch-Up Tool by V-PICKS


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Touch up your Ghost Rim V-PICKS Guitar Picks and make them like new again!

If you play any of our Ghost Rim guitar pick models, then check this out!  As you know the Ghost Rim creates that ghostly whisper with it´s unbuffed, rough, matt edge. It acts almost like a violin bow effect. Or much like Brian May´s sixpence coin with the serrated edge. Eventually, after some time of playing, they can become smooth and buffed instead of the cool matt finish with the textured scratchy edge. I have players call me after playing their Ghost Rim V-PICKS for a year or so and say ºHow can I rough up the edges and make this thing feel and sound new again? It is no longer scratchy on the edges.¹ Well here is the answer

This is the exact same tool that I use to touch up my personal V-Picks and give them that bite and attitude. It actually makes them better than new because the grit paper I use on the Touch-Up tool is just a bit more coarse. More attitude and bite! Yeah!

You will also get a link to a video that will show you, step by step, how to touch up that Ghost Rim and make it play and sound like the day you bought it.

You can even take other V-PICKS that are not Ghost Rims and VOILA, now they are!

Think of this.You can revive those old picks that you may have thought was time to throw away. If you play our Ghost Rim picks, you can really save some money with this easy to use accessory!

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