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Big Fattie - Guitar & Mandolin Pick


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5.85mm ¬ 1 5/16 tip to tip ¬ Symmetrical ¬ Huge, wonderful tone. Fast action. Rounded edges and points. Beautifully clear, awesome to see. Glides effortlessly over the strings with incredible sound. Very comfortable to hold; grips your fingers, relaxes your hand. Tone for days! Yes, it´s huge. But it SOUNDS huge. Like any of the V-Picks, its hard to describe the difference it can make in your playing without actually handing a guitarist a V-PICK and letting him try it out on his own guitar. This guitar pick wears like iron, and will last you quite a long time. You might be spending more because of the time it takes to hand-make a guitar pick like this one, but you´ll have this for a long, long time. And nothing else gets this fat, rich, huge tone!!! Remember, the bigger the pick, the bigger the tone. This pick also makes a great Gypsy Jazz pick. Here are some words from satisfied customers. Hi Nancy, Thanks very much. I got your picks on Friday and after using the Big Fattie all weekend I know I will never use any other pick again. From the various testimonials on the site I guess you´ve heard this a lot but I ordered the pick out of curiosity expecting that it would be too thick to me to play with. I have quite chunky hands and this pick just fits perfectly, I have never been able to play with such a relaxed right hand before and my playing just sounds so much better, thank you! I put an order in for some more (and a couple of Psychos today) and just wanted to say thank you very much, your picks have been a revelation for me. Rick Schneider ºQueen got it wrong, it aint fat bottomed girls it is fat picks that make the world go ´round!¹ My right hand has been my ball ²n chain for 30 years, that is until I tried your picks. My picking speed almost doubled! My accuracy and expressiveness have also greatly improved. Who would´ve thought a simple pick could make all the difference? Not me. Now I´m a firm believer. I especially love the big, thick picks. This great creation of yours has made a tremendous positive influence on my performance, as well as my enjoyment of the guitar. Thank you! Adam B. PS- And a huge ºthank you¹ for the Big Fattie. Awesome! Nancy I´ve been using the Big Fattie pick for the last year and looking forward to trying the Psycho soon. Your picks are the most comfortable I´ve ever used (especially the thicker styled ones). Thanks again Brian  

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