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4.10mm ¬

1 1/4 tip to tip ¬ Symmetrical ¬

This B-Sharp is a very fast, fast, fast pick. Laser cut the same size as the Large Rounded. This pick delivers all the tone you have ever dreamed of. It has quickly become Vinni´s favorite. The reason this pick is so fast is because of the rounded corners and beveled edges that are carefully calculated for performance. Round enough to eliminate any resistance, and yet pointed enough to give good articulation and precise attack. Lots of mids! Big low end! And a creamy, singing high end! This pick is VERY easy to hold onto due to the thickness and material. As with all V-Picks, it is made of our own special blend of acrylic. Clings to your fingers when warmed by your touch. You will not drop this pick. 4.10 is the perfect thickness as far as I am concerned. Maximum tone, fastest action and a feel that is addictive. Yes addictive! You won´t want to put this pick down. Check out this testimonial! Um, well i gotta say!!! What a crazy tone machine of a pick! the B#; is amazing! It´s huge sounding and plays so easy, i had no idea it would feel so natural! Hands down the best pick I´ve ever heard and played. Amazing tones. And you can angle it different and tweak your attack and it brings out so much more than ever before and does things a regular pick can´t do. Just Amazing! It´s unbuffed edges really make it sing like a cross between a coin and a shellwhat a big rich TONE!!!! I think I´m going to have to order one a month as well as two large rounded a month just so i can have some variety and the best of both worlds so to speak. If I do that for the rest of the year or so, I should be pretty well set! I must say though, don´t you think your website should mention the merits of the unbuffed version of the B series? or better yet, just keep it a tone freak secret, haha! Man, thanks for making the best picks ever! it´s more than just picks. you make people happy and playing more enjoyable! Outstanding work! I´m hooked and obsessed

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