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V-PICKS react to the temperature & moisture in your fingertips creating a secure grip.  We call this Built-In Non-Slip Technology.  Relax your hand, arm & fingers and let the pick do its job.  Now you can enjoy playing & performing without concern over your plectrum.

Your guitar pick or plectrum is that vital component that actually connects you to your beloved instrument. It is the link from you to your strings & eventually to your listener’s ears, possibly making it the most important piece of equipment in your signal chain! These revolutionary guitar picks may be the missing links to help set  your music free!

Vinni Smith, founder of V-PICKS Guitar Picks Inc. has been hand crafting guitar picks since 1980.  Through his experimention with many different materials, shapes and sizes, he finally found the special formula.  

V-Picks guitar and mandolin pick designs are created from listening to our customers.  Sometimes pick models are accidents that turned out to be really great too.  And some are just old familiar tools that have been handed down over the generations.  

We have traditional style guitar picks, small guitar picks and very large ones as well.  Our plectrums range from .8mm with just a bit of flex all they way to 11.85mm thick!  And remember, the thicker the pick, the bigger the tone.  That’s a fact, Jack.

V-Picks artist family include legendary artists such as Carlos Santana, Billy Gibbons, Brad Whitford, Phil Keaggy, Johnny Hiland, Vernon Reid, Derek St Holmes, Billy Sheehan, who all use V-Picks.  They play V-Picks simply because they believe V-Picks are the best guitar picks on the planet.  If you ever meet one of them, just ask and they will tell you.  

Maybe it’s time for you to start using V-Picks too....