Curt Mangan 'That Pedal Show' Signature Strings

That Pedal Show

At Guitar Gear Pro, we are passionate about the products our partners design and produce (which is why we use them ourselves). Our friends from That Pedal Show, Mick Taylor and Dan Steinhardt, are as equally as passionate about the gear that they showcase because, in their words, they are "nuts about great guitar sounds"

After trying Curt Mangan strings out in 2018, they started using them exclusively and from that moment on didn't look back.!

Why Mick and Dan use Curt Mangan strings

"We first played Curt Mangan strings late in 2018. Our friend Matt Schofield had been telling us forever how much we’d like them and we just thought, “Ah, strings are strings are strings…” And then we tried some. The decision was instant – a combination of a lovely smooth feel, intuitive bendability and above all, great tone.

We ordered a few boxes and started using them on all our guitars, before deciding that some tweaks to the standard gauges would be cool… and this little idea came to fruition!"