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We are very proud to announce that DR Strings have joined the Dynamic Music Distribution family. A 100% handmade string since 1989, DR String's reputation for quality is legendary, and have been first choice of artists such as Victor Wooten, Derek Trucks, Bootsy Collins, Hendrik Linder (Dirty Loops), Adam Clayton (U2), Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath) and so many more.

If you would like to know more about when DR Strings will become available, or if you are a retailer interested in becoming a DR Strings stockist, then please get in touch with us via enquiries@dynamicmusicdistribution.co.uk.


"In 1989, DR Strings re-introduced hand-made round core string making to the general market. It requires a lot of skill, time and care, but we feel it’s worth it because we can hear the difference between a handmade string and a machine made string. 

If we can hear it, of course players will hear it.

DR was born from guitars. Al Dronge, the founder of Guild Guitars, always wanted to add a string making facility. Mark Dronge took the lessons he learned from his father and applied them to DR.

We are also players at DR and we are encouraged to come up with new ideas.  In our testing lab, we experiment and design unique and different strings. Quietly, we have been one of the most innovative string companies out there.

We guarantee that players will hear and feel the difference when they play DR handmade strings." 


DR Strings has a 50-year history with the guitar. He still plays and records professionally as he has for over 40-years. He was Director of Sales and Marketing for one of the world’s largest string companies for seventeen years and has owned music stores, built and repaired guitars and is passionate about finding the ultimate tone and playability.

As DR says, "I developed a balanced recipe that includes, core-to wrap ratios, tension on the core wire while winding the string, selecting and obtaining the best raw materials, pride in craftsmanship, attention to details and testing each batch." 

"Nothing happens until a player’s fingers touch the strings and every player has a unique touch that causes the string to vibrate differently. That’s why string choice including alloy and gauge is so important and part of the pursuit of finding your own personal sweet spot. There’s no right or wrong; it’s personal choice. No matter how much marketing is used to convince a customer to use a product, it still always comes down to the point when product must speak for itself. In our case we hope the player hears and feels what we heard and felt making the product and if so, will recommend them to their friends."

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